SunMyke will design hair care labels for you in any style

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SunMyke is versatile in designing beautiful  Hair Product Label in any style and can design one for you.


  • Satisfaction
  • Print-Ready PDF & Die-line
  • Source File (Editable)
  • Jpeg label Files
  • Bottle Mock-up (jpeg)
  • Bottle Mock-up (PNG)
  • 3 Sides View Bottle Mock-up (jpeg)
  • Commercial Use


  1. Name of your product and weight
  2. Ingredients
  3. Directions
  4. Description (if there's any)
  5. Caution (if there's any)
  6. Storage info (if there's any)
  7. Barcode (if there's any)
  8. Manufacture/Distributor info (if there's any)
  9. Correct Label dimension NOT bottle (measurement for the Width and Height)

Neatly put the info in a PDF document  |  Other thing to submit are Bottle image and your logo

If you're not sure about the label measurement, you can cut a piece of paper and wrap it on your bottle as you would want the label to fit, then measure the paper Width and Height.

Basically, your project source files ( or Editable files) 'll be delivered in either Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw formats, both are vector based programs.
However, if you need your final files to be delivered in a different formats, kindly indicate after you've placed your order.. 

Technicals: SunMyke Product label design Top Tools are:

Adobe photoshop
Adobe Illustrator 

We move important information in your design 0.125" away from the edges, around your design to protect the important information from trimming

Need more question and clarification or special request? Feel free to contact SunMyke


Why do you set the price you set ?
SunMyke could charge thousands as others but want to make it affordable for you

Can I give you tip if you do a great job?
Yes, Thanks in advance 

How may product does this cover ?
Just one label

I have up to 10 product can you give me a discount ?
Yes, if you ask

Do you design other types of product labels ?
Yes, simply ask

What if I do not like the design?
We 'll refund you and cancel your order,  please  see refund policy here

What if I'm not available often to follow-up my project?
No problem, We'll work on your project, login into your account to review it any time you're chanced 

I have a rough sketch I want you to follow?
Send your sketch, we can help bring it to live 

Can I chose my own colors and fonts styles ?
Yes, send us message in the chat when you place your order.

Can you do a specific design style ?
Simply send us an image sample of the style you're looking for.

I do not trust your site, can I buy your Gig on other platform as Fiverr ?
Yes, Visit: See Our Gigs Here
NB: The delivery time and price set on Fiverr might be different. 

I have a bulk project, can you handle it?
If you have a bulk project and you would want a flat fee that covers all.
And, Or if  you have bulk project to get done every month, we recommend

40.00 USD

Deliver within 3 Days

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